International Mountain Day - December 11

There are mountains in many countries but not in all. In Italy we have lots of mountains! This year, International Mountain Day focuses on Mountain Family Farmers since 2014 is the UN (United Nations) International Year of Family Farming. Here in Italy, farming on mountains is quite common, but what other things can we do in the mountains? Skiing, trekking, climbing, walking, hiking, go looking for mushrooms and other edible things, bird watching are just some of the activities one can do in the mountains. Do your pupils know of any others?
Montagna ELI La Spiga EdizioniToday focuses on mountains so let’s look at different mountains in Italy. Your pupils probably know about Mont Blanc (Monte Bianco), the Matterhorn (Monte Cervino), Mount Ortles and Monte Rosa, but these mountains stand on or very near borders with other countries and might be claimed by two countries. Do they know which is the highest mountain entirely in Italy? Yes, they are right! Gran Paradiso. Both base and peak stand in Italy and the mountain reaches a height of 4,061 metres.
Most mountains in Italy are made up of limestone as the main rock with variables depending on where they lie. Italy has also got live volcanoes! Not every country has them. The most renowned are Mount Etna, which erupts on a regular basis, Vesuvius (last eruption 1944) and Campi Flegrei (the entire Phlegraean Fields area is still active with new vents ejecting hot water only last year!). However, Italy has lots of volcanoes that haven’t erupted in a long time…..but that’s not to say they won’t in the future.


What mountain(s) are there near where you live? What is its height? Does it have another name (nickname/dialectal name)? Do people live on it? Do people work on it? If so, what do they do? What animals live on the mountain? What special plants can be found (for example: truffles, mushrooms, alpine flowers)? What activities do your pupils do in the mountains?
What clothing is needed when you go to the mountains?
What must we take with us when we go trekking/walking/hiking in the mountains? Warm clothing, water, energy foods like nuts and chocolate, a map, 2 friends or even three – never go alone!, and ….


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