December 18 - International Migrants’ Day




"Let us make migration work for the benefit of migrants and countries alike. We owe this to the millions of migrants who, through their courage, vitality and dreams, help make our societies more prosperous, resilient and diverse." Ban Ki-Moon

Things to discuss with your students: how many students in your class are migrants, children of migrants or have relations who have migrated? How many different nationalities are represented in your school? What types of jobs do migrants have in your area?
Consult the UN Migration Stock table to see in your country how many people migrated to your country and from where. The table also shows where people in your country migrated to. Why might someone migrate? Is your English teacher a migrant?
What is the difference between immigrate and emigrate? Talk about countries that are based on people who emigrated to them such as The United States, Australia, New Zealand, and many European countries. What changes have occurred due to this factor? Perhaps the country in question was one of refuge, opportunity, a result of over-crowded prisons. What have your students learnt as a result of migration? Perhaps they now know a ‘foreign’ food or type of music. Perhaps a film has enlightened them. What about films and how they depict immigrants: positively, negatively or neutrally?
Are the shops in your area specialising in migrant foods or goods?



From the UN website:
For International Migrants Day, global citizens can participate online in the following ways:
Beginning 13 December, share photos and videos tied to your personal stories about how migrants positively contribute to communities and economies worldwide. You can join the global conversation on Facebook and Twitter using #IAmAMigrant. From 13-18 December, your photos and stories will be featured on the UN’s Storify page. Explore the many voices of migrants on themultimedia page. 

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