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Arcimboldo, a naturalist or a joker?

Copertina Arcimboldo



Everyone knows the benefits that picture prompts bring to the learning process of a foreign language. So, why not use a masterpiece painting as a visual aid to revise lexis? We all know how difficult it can be to remove paint stains; very often, they are persistent, and no matter how much we try to get rid of them they remain throughout time.
Every teacher would like their pupils to retain what they have learnt and remember how to do things - etched in their memories as if they were paint stains. Not an easy task, as we well know, but we can select classroom tasks that go some way to helping us reach this objective.
In order to revise lexis, select a painting and some pictures. Choose a task – this could be culture based -that students will find interesting and that will elicit the desired vocabulary.

Scritto da Anna Maria Crimi