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A portrait of an animal

A Portrait Of Aniamal Eli La Spiga

A meticulous approach is needed to the written language:
an understanding and activation of students’ knowledge and skills, analysis of written material, work on guided and autonomous written production, self-assessment and tests to map progress.

This approach can and should be followed up with writing tasks where students can revise and put the language learnt to personal use, therefore encouraging and developing the natural talent of the class.

Scritto da Emilie Foster

Language and Drama


Every teacher knows the importance of drama in the classroom, especially since it takes into account the student as a whole; not just their bodies but their minds as well. Thanks to this play, the body becomes a vehicle for learning a language and developing important life skills. Drama is an excellent  means of socialising for students; it can be used to learn other subjects, while  developing  concentration and  the ability to work independently  - both of which are applicable to any school activity. Let’s see how!

Scritto da Anna Maria Crimi

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