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December 18 - International Migrants’ Day


How many students in your class are migrants, children of migrants or have relations who have migrated? How many different nationalities are represented in your school? 

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A typical English Christmas dinner plate

 ELI_La Spiga Edizioni __101975176_bassa

What is on this plate? Can you name all the different foods?

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New Year’s Eve – December 31


According to the Gregorian Calendar, the solar year ends on December 31. People celebrate it in different ways...

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Christmas birds

ELI_La Spiga Edizioni _hen _gallina _b  ELI_La Spiga Edizioni _swan _cigno  ELI_La Spiga Edizioni _turkey _tacchino _bELI_La Spiga Edizioni _Duck _papera _b


These birds are eaten at Christmas time. Match the picture to the animal and then put them in order of smallest to biggest...

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Why we eat turkey at Christmas


Did you know that since the 1500s turkey has been eaten at Christmas time, but it is only since Queen Victoria’s time that turkey and Christmas have become synonymous?

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